Semaxin effect

An innovative formula that combats the problem of potency and further strengthens your erection!

Semaxin effect

Semaxin effect is a high quality nutritional supplement for men who are looking for support in improving potency and the possibility of increasing the amount of sperm.

Semaxin is a dietary supplement whose main job is to promote male fertility and potency. The product is made with 12 ingredients that together help maintain male sexual function. It is important that the ingredients used in the dietary supplement have clinically proven effects.
Semaxin supports the process of spermatogenesis (sperm production) in a natural and safe way for the body, improves sperm quality and increases its volume, increases libido and also eliminates erectile dysfunction. Semaxin also stimulates the production process of testosterone – the most important male sex hormone. The decrease in the level of this hormone becomes noticeable with age, and the task of Semaxin is to eliminate the effects of this process.


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Over the years, every man has typical male problems, i.e. H. Potency problems and other problems related to problems with sex. This is a fairly embarrassing problem and men are reluctant to speak about it because they believe it makes them look ridiculous in the eyes of other women, and yet this problem affects every man of the right age. There is no way to stay in shape like in youth. However, you don’t have to break anything and you should take matters into your own hands, and Semaxin is a great solution to these problems. It is the highest quality nutritional supplement, the ingredients of which support male fertility and potency. They effectively improve the quality of sperm and help maintain a man’s sexual function. The supplement has already received many positive reviews around the world, and there are more and more people who are ready to use it. The first effects appear after one month of regular use of the dietary supplement. As experts in the field of sexology point out, it is currently the most effective product on the market of this type, which is also underlined by independent research in global research institutes. Take care of your health, your pleasure and make sure that your partner gets what she deserves!

60 Capsules
N-acetyl-L-cysteine; Capsule shell – gelatin; Traganek root extract (Astragalus membranaceus) [16% polysaccharides]; Burzeldorn fruit extract (Tribulus terrestris) [40% saponine]; Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10); Ashewagandhy root extract (Withania somnifera) [7% vitanolides]; DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E); Saffron flower extract (Crocus sativus L.); zinc citrate; Anti-caking agent – magnesium salts of fatty acids; L-selenomethionine – Selenium SeLECT®; Dye – titanium dioxide, indigotine; Black pepper fruit extract (Piper nigrum L.) [95% piperine] – BioPerine®; Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12); Pteroilomonoglutamic acid (folic acid).
Semaxin is a real revolution in nutritional supplements for better potency.
It contains a complex of natural and effective ingredients, including N-acetyl-L-cysteine, coenzyme Q10, vitamins E and B12, folic acid, zinc, selenium, selenium SeLECT® as well as extracts from tragacanth, burzeldorn, saffron flowers, ash wagandha and black pepper – BioPerine ®.
It ensures the correct level of testosterone in the blood.
It effectively improves erection and contributes to increased sperm production.
It stimulates desire and promotes sexual performance.
It supports the correct course of spermatogenesis (sperm formation).
It helps maintain fertility.
It stimulates sperm motility.
It helps maintain proper reproductive functions.
Choose the unique semaxin and say goodbye to potency problems and too little sperm. Your partner will thank you. Order now!
Choose the unique semaxin and say goodbye to potency problems and too little sperm. Your partner will thank you.
Order now!


Why should you buy Semaxin?

Semaxin is a real find – an undisputed hit among products to improve your erections. Regular use of the supplement guarantees:
A much more effective erection and desire.
Increasing the amount of sperm.
Confidence in yourself and partner satisfaction.

What is the composition of Semaxin?

The effect of Semaxin is based on a complex of natural extracts, vitamins and trace elements that effectively support the body in achieving a correspondingly good erection, increasing the amount of sperm and increasing satisfaction during sex. Its unique formula includes:
N-acetyl-L-cysteine ​​- one of the most important amino acids in the body. It is used to produce glutathione, an antioxidant that works in the cells and protects their DNA.
Extract of tragacanth – this unusual plant with the rather exotic name has been known in natural Chinese medicine for centuries. It has a stimulating effect on sperm mobility, which has been proven in clinical studies.
Burzeldorn extract – also known as Tribulus Terrestris – effectively stimulates desire and improves sexual abilities. It also affects the quality of the seed, which has been confirmed by tests.
Coenzyme Q10 – powerful antioxidant to improve the quality of the seed. It works by protecting against free radicals that damage the glands responsible for testosterone production.


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Sleepberry Extract – Ashwaghanda is a powerful adaptogen that helps the body fight stress. It increases sperm mobility and number and effectively improves male reproductive ability.
Saffron flower extract – guarantees the stimulation of desire and effectively increases the amount of sperm, which has been confirmed by clinical studies.
Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, folic acid, zinc and selenium Selenium SeLECT® – a complex of vitamins and minerals that effectively ensures the quality of the seeds, the genetic material and the right spermatogenesis. Very important for men who want to actively support their fertility.
How is Semaxin used?
The recommended dose for consumption is 2 capsules a day – between meals. The preparation is best taken with 300 ml of water.