hp elite dragonfly Test 2020

hp elite dragonfly Test 2020

Full-metal housing on the HP Elite Dragonfly 2020.With the Elite Dragonfly, HP offers a top-class business notebook. Despite a very high-quality all-metal housing, the total weight is only 997 grams. The name Dragonfly (translated this is called dragonfly) fits very well. With a size of 304 mm x 198 mm x 16 mm, the 13.3 inch model is very compact. With a fully charged battery, the notebook should last up to 24 hours. One reason for the low weight is the use of a Rubberdome keyboard. This has the advantage that the typing on the device is very quiet. In terms of connectivity, the Dragonfly offers two USB ports with 3.0 version and two Thunderbolt 3 jacks. In addition, there is an HDMI connection, jack and a special eyelet for a corresponding safety lock.

A lot of performance

The HP Elite Dragonfly Test 2020 uses a 10th-generation Intel Core-i processor. This offers a lot of performance, both for private and professional use. The 13.3 inch display is compact, so the notebook can be easily transported. Memory can be between 8 GB and 16 GB, depending on the execution. An SSD storage with a capacity of up to 512 GB ensures very fast data transfer. In addition, Intel AX 200’s Wi-Fi 6 is standard. You can choose from two different battery capacities with up to 17 hours or 24 hours of running time. To save energy, a Full HD display is used, which offers a brightness of up to 400 cd/m2. A much brighter alternative, however, is a 4K display with values of 550 cd/m2.

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Fast data transfer

The HP Elite Dragonfly Test 2020 is operated as usual using the keyboard. But there is also the possibility to operate the notebook via a pen. On board is an LTE modem, so Wi-Fi is available everywhere. At the top of the picture there is also a webcam, which can be used at any time. Business people can benefit from the 5G modem on the Dragonfly, as it is able to deliver much higher data rates than a comparable LTE model. However, it should be noted that the expansion of the fast 5G network is only just beginning in most regions. Therefore, it will probably be a while before the speed can increase significantly.

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Sustainability and safety

The manufacturer HP relies on sustainability for its current models, so the housing consists of 82 percent recycled material. But the issue of security is also very popular. The display can be easily protected with a touch of a button to avoid prying eyes. In addition, tile integration is available, making it easier to track the HP notebook if it has been forgotten or even stolen, for example.